Monday, June 21, 2010

Pakistan outplayed Bangladesh | Shahid Afridi stars Pakistan

Shahid Afridi once again proved his potential as a great hitter of cricket ball while he played an absolutely cyclonic innings of 124 from just 60 balls against Bangladesh. His innings helped Pakistan to reach almost an outreached total of 385 from allocated 50 over. A new-look Pakistan, led by a new-look Shahid Afridi, bowed out of the Asia Cup with little to boast about but with their reputations enhanced, while Bangladesh ended their campaign by reaffirming the gulf between them and the top-flight teams. Afridi unleashed the kind of fury he is famous for to launch Pakistan to their highest ODI score, and subsequently their first victory in 2010. Bangladesh, however, belied a complete lack of purpose in both innings, as the match meandered to the kind of denouement that has administrators concerned about the future of ODI cricket. See details on ICC World Cricket or Dhaka News.


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